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Click to Call: Veterinarian Websites

Making it Easy for Visitors to Reach Your Veterinary Practice

Click to call is a feature included in our veterinarian website design and marketing package. This service makes it easier for potential clients to call your practice. All they have to do is enter their phone number and click one button and they will be instantly connected with your veterinary practice.

Click to call works by using your phone system to generate a call to the number entered in the form. Because it makes it as easy as possible for a potential client to be connected with your practice, it can serve to increase the effectiveness of your internet marketing efforts. This feature can be set up on any phone number or phone line, even your cell phone for emergency calls.

For more information about click to call and how it may serve to increase the effectiveness of your website, call our offices or click here to get started in building your vet website. It only takes a few minutes!

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